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Alex from Frankfurt, Germany

“We are very happy and grateful to have ordered from Bubble Allstars. The bubbles are incomparable with other manufacturers and convince by the qualitative processing and high quality materials. Service was just as perfect! Since you should watch out for bubbles at the moment where you buy, Bubble Allstars has 100% of our trust. “

Yann from Bergen, Norway

“Thank you! We’ve experienced awesome service and the Zorb is of superb quality – feels very strong and durable.”

Birgit from Vienna, Austria

“Dankeschön! We are totally happy with our bubbles. Delivery was very fast and uncomplicated. Bubbles are of great quality compared to any other. Thank you so much”

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Michael from Leipzig, Germany

“I have successfully run a bubble soccer rental for a year and have had bad experiences with Chinese manufacturers on the Internet in the past. That’s why I decided this time for Bubble Allstars and I was not disappointed. The workmanship of the Bubbles is TOP! “

Kate from Brisbane, Australia

“Great customer support! They were very helpful and understanding. Shipped way faster than expected. Thanks again!”

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Lennard from Stockholm, Sweden

“People here in Sweden are going crazy about playing Bubble Soccer on snow. I ordered the Startup package with TPU bubbles and must say: the quality is superb. Also I love the spreadsheet to manage my bookings. Makes my life a lot easier!”

Facu from Mendoza, Argentina

“We organize tournaments with companies and soccer clubs. I chose Bubble Allstars because they have lots of different options to choose from. We have bubbles in 4 different colors now and I am very happy with them.”

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Jordan from Austin, Texas

“I got the bubbles as a present for the youth club of my children (17 and 15 years) and they love it! Thanks for the great consulting.”

Max from Hollabrunn, Austria

“At first I really only wanted to play a game of Bubble Soccer with friends, but after we did not find any suitable offers, we took the startup package and started a rental. Through the included stock photos we were able to realize the first bookings. Really great!”

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Marta from Nantes, France

“Hereby we can recommend the Bubble Allstars Company to everyone interested in buying bubble soccer balls or Zorbing Balls. We are very grateful for the great service and the fast delivery…”

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