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Perfection is a word we do not use lightly. However when asked about our bubbles we feel very tempted to say it out loud. Years of development and innovation have led up to this point where we are in search of a better term than “Bubble” to give justice to all the enhanced features it possesses.

Quality Promise

Plato PVC
We are constantly developing innovative materials to meet the evolving needs of our customers. With the Plato PVC we have made a new kind of material which makes even the PVC bubbles stronger and expands their lifetime.

High End TPU
You can upgrade your bubbles to our high quality TPU material, which besides being breathable and odorless, it gives the bubbles more strength and elasticity. It is abrasion resistant and will not harden over time.

Double String
The newly designed cordlocks with double strings inside provide the bubble with more strength and durability.

Shoulder Strap Protection
Our soft material protection mats gives the player not only a better feeling when carrying the bubble but also more protection against any bruises or bums on their shoulders. Furthermore it is possible to take them off in order to wash them.

Durable Air Velve
We also have innovated the air velves of our bubbles. This allows not only better handling of inflation and deflation but also a longer durability that resists a 30ft fall without breaking.

Adjustable Buckle
With our high quality metal buckles you can adjust the length of the straps in order to customize the bubble for the different players. The new buckles are easier to use and difficult to break.

Handles Protection Hose
Many bubbly suppliers fail in delivering handles that are not of potential danger to the player. This is why we designed protective and secure handles which are filled with cotton inside that are easy to grab and safe to play.

Gluing and Welding
Our special production process allows us to not only glue the handles and straps to the bubble material, which often results in them coming off, but also finely weld it together. This process gives the bubble a much longer lifetime.

Our Bubble Designs

Scroll down here to view our high quality bubble soccer balls & bumper footballs available in a range of designs & colors. Buy now!

Half Colored Blue

Bubble Soccer kaufen - Bubble Allstars - Bubble 3

Half Colored Red

Bubble Soccer kaufen - Bubble Allstars - Bubble 1

Quarter Colored Blue

Bubble Football kaufen - Bubble Allstars 2

Quarter Colored Red

Bubble Football kaufen - Bubble Allstars 3

Dotted Blue

Bubble Football kaufen - Bubble Allstars 1

Dotted Red

Bubble Ball kaufen - Bubble Allstars

Transparent Bubble

Bubble Football kaufen - Bubble Allstars

Unique Back Pressure Valve

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